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Al Davis is the Hall of Fame owner of the Oakland Raiders, the one of the leading figures in pro football history was known for controversy and his rebellious spirit, dead at 82.
al davis dead
Al Davis died at the age of 82 on October 8, 2011. The Sunday following his death, the Oakland Raiders wore a helmet sticker reading “Al” to commemorate Davis. Raiders chief executive Amy Trask said that the team “will remain in the Davis family.”

Al Davis was charming, cantankerous and loving – a guy who when his wife suffered a serious heart attack in 1970 moved into the hospital room. But he is best known as a rebel, a man who formed a team silver and black colors and logo represent the pirate attitude to authority, both in the field and off.

Al Davis was one of the most important figures in NFL history. The most visible during the 1980s when he fought in court – and won – for the right to move his team from Oakland to Los Angeles. Even after he moved back to the Bay Area in 1995, he went to court, suing for $ 1.2 billion to prove that he still has the rights to the LA market.

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