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GNMIDI is a Karaoke MIDI song player, converter and editor.


Operating System: Windows XP/2000/ME
File Size: 865 KB
License: (All Shareware software)

License Conditions:
5 Day Trial. Registration: US$30.00

System Requirements:
Installed Windows MIDI driver for soundcard or external midi device


  • Standard MIDI player: GNMIDI player prepares MIDI files for optimal playing with your MIDI sound device (GM/XG/GS compatibility, common volume)
  • Karaoke Player: GNMIDI displays song lyrics synchronized to melody
  • Entertainment Player: GNMIDI plays songs randomly chosen from your MIDI archive in background
  • Music Training: Easily turn off the melody, play it yourself and record it instantly.
  • Recorder: GNMIDI records your keyboard playing through MIDI cable and stores it on your harddisk as standard MIDI file (SMF) in format 0 or 1
  • Karaoke Editor: GNMIDI synchronizes song lyric syllables to melody notes
  • Synchronisation Editor: GNMIDI synchronizes song lyric lines in real time (song play time)
  • Format Converter: GNMIDI converts between MIDI formats 0, 1, 2.
  • Karaoke Converter: GNMIDI converts between some popular MIDI karaoke formats including lyrics conversion and st3 karaoke format v4.5 import.
  • File Content Viewer: GNMIDI displays important MIDI song information (copyright, version, tracks, tempo etc.) INSTANTLY when opened.
  • MIDI file editor: GNMIDI changes song text, copyright, sound programs, volume, tempo, channels, note resolution, etc., transposes notes
  • Deep Internals Viewer: GNMIDI shows deep internal secret content of a MIDI song
  • Ringtones Converter: GNMIDI converts MIDI song melodies into mobile phone ringtones
  • Song Demos Creator: GNMIDI ringtones or smaller MIDI demos are simply created with cut, copy, fade in/out and batch processing.
  • Medley Creator: GNMIDI combines a series of MIDI files into a MIDI medley song
  • Copyright Signature: GNMIDI shows copyright info and adds your copyright to a song, it can also add a secret copyright signature to MIDI file
  • Lyrics Printer: GNMIDI prints lyrics from a MIDI song
  • Splitter: GNMIDI splits drum tracks by drum instruments, splits notes distinguished by instrument, splits notes played by left and right hand
  • File Compressor: GNMIDI can compress your MIDI files without changing their musical content, the results will still be standard MIDI files
  • File Checker: GNMIDI can check your whole MIDI archive and repair invalid files if content is not too damaged
  • Volume Controller: GNMIDI can fade in/out a song by volume, modify volume, set to common volume level
  • Song Archiver: GNMIDI lets you assign properties to MIDI songs (interpret, rating, style, melody channel …) which can be searched or filtered during Entertainment playing
  • Chord Analyser: GNMIDI guesses chords from MIDI songs and saves them in a MIDI track in different formats
  • Note Analyser: GNMIDI checks if notes are outside the range of natural instrument sounds, calculates maximum note polyphony
  • Command Translator: GNMIDI has operations to replace notes, channels, track titles
  • Pianodisc Preparator: GNMIDI prepares MIDI songs for playing with pianodisc controlled pianos (magic fingers on piano)
  • Tempo Controller: GNMIDI can change tempo, help user to find tempo with beats counter
  • Calculator: GNMIDI can calculate time, MIDI unit, meter at any song position
  • Batch Processor: Many important MIDI operations can be applied to a folder that contains MIDI files
  • Sysex Dump tranfer tool: Comfortable sysex transfer
  • Parsons code generator: GNMIDI converts MIDI melody to parsons code for use to search a melody
  • Adapt improvisation to score sheet: GNMIDI helps to adjust MIDI songs played without metronom for better use with score sheet
  • Hide playing imprecision: GNMIDI adjusts MIDI notes close to a given raster to hide your little imprecisions during live recordings.
  • Monophonic melody: GNMIDI reduces number of notes playing concurrently.
  • Comparing MIDI files: GNMIDI searches for similar MIDI files and displays the differences between two MIDI files.
  • Renaming: GNMIDI sets song title according to filenames or renames MIDI file names according to their song titles.

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