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singingHere are a few free singing tips to help you develop your voice. I’ve chosen to write about a few important singing points that will help you to sing with less vocal tension, and expand your vocal range.

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Use a slight Irish accent when you sing. Sound weird?! I agree, it does sound a little strange to put on an accent when you sing. You get this relaxed feeling because the Irish accent prevents the incorrect singing muscles from interfering…

…Good news if you’re already Irish!

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Use a cry-like-tone when you sing. Placing a slight cry underneath your voice will dramatically sweeten your tone quality. You can practice your crying tone by singing “hoooo” as in “Boo Hoo”. Personally, every word I sing benefits from this crying technique.

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Inside the larynx are the vocal folds, or vocal chords. It is very important that the larynx is very stable when you sing. Singing with bad technique seems to engage the muscles that surround the larynx……the outer muscles of the larynx. This makes it incredibly difficult to sing high notes, and it also destroys tone quality. A very effective technique to achieve this is to use a slightly dopey tone when you sing. This slight offset will allow the larynx to hold it’s position when you sing.

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Singing with your larynx in a stable, central position is one of the most important singing techniques. The dopey tone will train the outer muscles of the larynx to relax. Speech level singing, SLS, is vocal method that trains you to produce sound in way that keeps your larynx stable. The muscles around your larynx are responsible for causing tension in the way you produce sound. By training your larynx to stay stable you will be able to extend your range, have a clear sound and sing with less strain.

With speech level singing you will learn to go higher in your range without raising your larynx. Terms like, chest voice, lip rolls, head voice, pharyngeal, mix and others. Brett Manning’s Singing Success is perhaps the most popular vocal program on the internet today.

Well, that’s a short introduction to Speech Level Singing.

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